It was a great work of the authors (two years). You will find a lot of info via this link: Add Comment Read more GD 66 – CR meeting of 14/01/2012 For the Alexandrine Gerrer 29/01/12 – 0:18 in: GD 66 – Pyrenees-Orientales report meeting a tool life of the cooperative classroom, teaching Principles citizenship> experimental trial and error Theme: games. With the intervention of a ludologist. Add a comment Read more 1 attachment
5 Results rally reading Questionnaires CM By Beatrice Gillies 09/05/13 – 6:01 p.m. In: a French tool> Scripture-reading teaching techniques> individualized work Here reading questionnaires for CM1, CM2 rally. students read 15 minutes a day, every day in class. At the end of the novel, the reader quickly present his book to friends. As students read at their own pace, they end their romance each turn and take the related questionnaire. Each questionnaire is presented with two difficulty levels: only issues or questions with three response proposals. 4 comments Read more 57 attachments The Freinet between high school through the front door: supervised personal work in: Building a Teaching archive tool Eastern edited by a Departmental Group Life For Teachers review the cooperative class citizenship teaching techniques> project pedagogy February 2001 Author: Helen Bourdel more File Odilon Ortho 0 by Bruno Jolys on 12/07/13 – 11:52 p.m. in: a French tool> French Spelling> Conjugation teaching techniques> for those who individualized work do not know, here’s the summary sheets, as well as corrections of schedules 1 to 40 level Ortho file 0 home Odilon It is in two parts: Ortho 01 – schedules 1 to 40 rather CP Ortho 02 – sheets 41-100 rather EC1 Download: Add comment 4 attachments GD33: a Play-history file in the manner of reading science Odilo n By Jean-Luc Bellue on 08/08/13 – 2:13 p.m. In: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde Congress a French tool> Scripture-reading History Geo At the Congress of Caen, we present this work of GD was a common theme of our meetings over the previous two years. The schedule applies to all history, but we have also some in geography that are not quite finalized. Here are the records made, and a blank form for you to create others. We thank you for the contact to complete our collection. JLuc for GD33 Add Comment 2 files attached Zum lesen example plugs By Catherine Chabrun on 28/06/13 – 5:04 p.m. In: ad a tool Three sheets Add a comment Read more 1 attachment
2 Results Formation of Bulgarian teachers through the class visit Freinet in France in 1994 by Florence St. Luke 10/19/13 – 10:02 p.m. In:.. Region PACA> GD 83 – Var Gr Gr International Training Account made Internship training and research> training After the two courses organized in 1992 and 1993 in Sofia, Bulgaria, teachers come visit Freinet classes in the Rhone, Vaucluse and Var. A meeting is organized Solliees Bridge after visits to try to generate invariants of Freinet, regardless of contexts and teachers observed from this experience. Add a comment Read more Diary of a course offered at departmental training plan in May 2002 in the Var By Florence St. Luke 19/10/13 for homework
– 20:30 In: Region PACA> GD 83 – Var Gr Training. training and research> training This newspaper was conducted during the course “management heterogeneity, staff and ICT work” under the responsibility of Florence Saint-Luc, Patrick Aslanian, Roucaute Jean, and Jean-Jacques Bruni (Var OCCE ). He was held for three weeks in the school of Planquette, in La Garde, Var, with – teachers – facilitators, the CLEA (Leisure Center Associate at school). Add a comment Read more 1 attachment
8 Results Tools for Individual work (IT) in kindergarten – 2009 By Muriel Coirier on 07/12/09 – 7:51 p.m. in. GD 86 – Vienna Gr Kindergarten Life a tool of the cooperative class citizenship teaching techniques> classroom organization> work Plan pedagogical Techniques> individualized work in this section we wanted to share the different tools we have developed for our classes. So you will find tools for teachers (notebook diary schedule …) but also tools for children (IT specifications, work plan …) Add Comment 5 files attached balance sheets and mid New year: designed as an alternative to the note, and well received by parents and children by Jean-Luc Verilhac on 29/11/09 – 9:32 p.m. in Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire Document preparing an educational tool Technical> evaluation Add comment Read more on Memory “little books” Labarriere By Patrick 11/12/09 – 11:06 In: Grand Ouest Region> GD 56 – Morbihan Region Central East> GD 69 – Rhone a French analysis tool> reading-Writing French teaching Principles> communication pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical techniques> In free text link, a memory of the “Little books”, directed by Loig Legrandlafoy. The link is: Link to the website of Small books a comment Congress Strasbourg – Workshop “tools Pidapi “by Muriel Quoniam the 26/08/09 – 11:21 in: GD 34 – Herault report Congress a French teaching tool Math Techniques> class organization> worktop teaching techniques> individualized work tools and PIDAPI Sylvain Connac Cedric Serres 2 comments Read more 1 attachment Strasbourg Congress – Workshop “Place the tool in a class Freinet” by Muriel Quoniam the 11/09/09 – 10:29 in: Congress report tool Add comment Read more Congress Strasbourg – workshop “presentation file Mathmat” by Muriel Quoniam the 26/08/09 – 11:08 in: Math Congress a report tool Add a comment Read more Sheets courses and work plan level 6 ° Arts Plast ic By Laetitia Rigaud-Ceccaroli 15/12/09 – 6:14 p.m. In: document preparation a tool Arts> Visual Arts Teaching Techniques> class organization> worktop These are cards that students consult and according choisisssent their tastes, during my 1st attempt individualized work. They have a work plan that the “forced” to work a listing “painting” and “drawing” card during this first period. I did not put all my cards, I fear it is too heavy. The zm instructions are included in the work plan. Add a comment Read more 8 attachments Reporting Meeting November GD11: “How articulate the tools by the Institution Freinet” By Nicolas Zannettacci on 29/11/09 – 8:24 p.m. In: GD 11 – Aude report meeting a teaching tool Technical> class organization> workshop teaching techniques> class organization> worktop teaching techniques> organizing class> life of the classroom teaching techniques> Technical institutional educational pedagogy> individualized work-meeting a meeting around a theme, to clarify and share our practices. Add comment 1 attachment
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2 Results SDL 54: individualisation and Cooperation By Annie Dhenin the 22/06/10 – 11:13 In: Gr Second Degree bulletin school level> second degree PRACTICES EXCHANGE: individualisation and Cooperation Document “Second Degree Link”.